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“To give for the special appeal, please use the General Fund option.  Thank you!”




Dear friends,

Greetings from Camp Luther, the outdoor ministry program of the WV-WMD Synod!

One of the amazing, unique things about Camp Luther is that we have a cross-generational community that is nurtured year after year.  Much of our staff, many having been raised up as campers themselves, return each year, which helps form the culture of Camp Luther.   Our staff ranges in age from one year post-high-school-graduation to people in their retirement.   These camp leaders take time away from their busy schedules, their families, and even take vacation time from work, so that they can come to Camp Luther to serve.  They do so because Camp Luther is a ministry that was important to their own faith formation, and they want to be a part of shepherding others.  They do all of this as volunteers, which is an important part of keeping camp accessible and affordable for our youth.

It does, however, cost money for them to be at camp to serve.  For the summer of 2024, it will cost us $315 for each staff person and we have approximately 70 staff people.  That is a total of around $22,000 needed to staff our camp.  In years past we had a large enough group of campers to cover the cost of our staff, but since the Covid years our camper numbers have been reduced.  To reduce the staff accordingly would be to change the culture and community that is Camp Luther. Each and every one of those staff members are vital to making Camp Luther a safe, fun, spiritually renewing learning environment, rich with experiences that nurture the body of Christ that is being raised up in the churches in our synod.  Our goal is to increase our camper numbers in the coming years, but in the meantime we could use some help.

As fellow members of our synod, we would like to invite you to partner with us in this important ministry.  Please consider sponsoring one, two, or several staff persons for Camp Luther 2024 as a congregation.  Your $315 gift will enable a servant of Christ to share the good news and numerous campers to hear the gospel and witness a beautiful example of Christian service.

You can give by sending a check to the Camp Luther office or through the PayPal link on this page.  You can also help by encouraging your youth to come to camp!

Please contact me if you have questions about camp or want to know more about Camp Luther and the role we play in the spiritual lives of the youth of our synod and beyond.  We are always excited for more people to know about …and fall in love with… Camp Luther!

We appreciate the support you give to Camp Luther, both financially and through prayer.  We are grateful to have you as partners in ministry!

“To give for the special appeal, please use the General Fund option.  Thank you!”

With sincere gratitude,

Pastor Karen Erskine-Valentine

Director of Camp Luther