Camper Application

The 2022 Camper Registration Application is now available! Click the link to download the PDF file to complete and send in.

2022 Camper Application

2022 Camper Fee Schedule:

Early Bird Registration: $275 postmarked by May 1 Deadline to guarantee a free camper T-Shirt: $295 postmarked by June 1 Late Registration fee: $300 postmarked after June 1 Note to Parents: If your church is paying part or the entire registration fee, please give your registration form and check (if applicable) to your church. All forms must be mailed with their payment.

If you are paying the full amount, send your completed registration form and the fee payable to Camp Luther to:

Camp Luther Registrar

c/o Faith Lutheran Church

P.O. Box 893

Franklin, WV 26807

Please return the forms by June 1, 2022 to insure a free camper T-shirt.



(Last update: March 29, 2022)

Q: Does my child have to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend camp?

A: The vaccine is not required to attend camp, but is strongly recommended for all campers.

Q: Will I need to fill out any additional paperwork related to COVID-19?

A: There are two new pieces of paperwork related to COVID-19 and attendance at Camp Luther. The first is a COVID-19 liability waiver that is located in the Camper Application that a parent/guardian must sign. The second required form is a 14- day temperature/symptom tracker that will be required for each camper to be admitted into Camp Luther. This form will track a camper’ symptoms, temperature, and potential COVID exposures for two weeks prior to camp. This form will be sent by the registrar with the Welcome Packet.

Q: Will there be any screening for COVID-19 symptoms throughout the week?

A: Counselors will be screening their cabin groups for Covid symptoms throughout the week of Camp. If someone exhibits symptoms they will visit the camp medical staff who may administer a Covid-19 antigen test.

Q: Will masks be required at Camp Luther?

A: The masking policy for Camp Luther will be determined by the director based on information including (but not limited

to): the WV-DHHR COVID dashboard, CDC outbreak status for WV/Webster County, and local health department recommendations. At the present time (late March 2022), masking will be recommended when indoors with people outside of your cabin group, but not required.

Q: What if my child tests positive and/or begins exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at camp?

A: Any camper who begins developing symptoms of COVID-19 at camp will be assessed by our medical staff and quarantined at the medical cabin. A camper who tests positive for or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will have their parent/guardians contacted and must be picked up from camp as soon as possible. Parents/guardians of other campers in the cabin group will be contacted and decisions about picking up those campers will be made based on the situation.


Mail completed application with payment to:

Camp Luther Registrar
c/o Faith Lutheran Church
P.O. Box 893
Franklin, WV 26807