Welcome to the senior program of Camp Luther! We are very excited about 2024’s week on “the hill” and hope you are able to join us. If you’re never been to senior camp before, we are looking forward to meeting you. If you are a returning senior camper, we are excited to see you again.

Whether you are new or returning, camper or parent, below we have listed some answers to frequently asked questions:

 What is the senior program all about?

The mission of the Senior Camp program of Camp Luther is to bring young adults and staff into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through an experience of Christian community and faith sharing in a camp environment. We try to accomplish this through our morning classes and afternoon and evening activities. Our goal is to take the lessons we have learned and put them into practice as we live, work, pray, and have fun together during the camp week. More importantly, we want to teach our campers how they can take what they’ve learned back to their homes, schools, and congregations.

 Do I have to be a member of the Lutheran church to participate?

No.  While many of our campers come from Lutheran faith backgrounds, you do not have to be a Lutheran or a member of a church to participate. We encourage all youth who are interested in building their relationship with Jesus to attend.

 How are classes constructed?

We have morning class before lunch each day. Our class time incorporates large and small group discussions of the daily Bible text and practical application of these ideas through games and other activities that reinforce the theme. Some of the activities may involve video clips, music, or brainteasers. We believe that learning should be fun, active, and an exciting process that both campers and staff participate in together.

 What do you do when you aren’t in class?

Possibilities for evening activities include things such as skits, dances, trips to the lake on the Camp Caesar property, scavenger hunts, Olympics, a tribute night for our graduating seniors, and a few other surprises we keep up our sleeves just to keep some mystery alive. We usually try to finish our evening activities by 10pm to give the campers some down time to hang out and get to know each other.

After lunch, senior campers have free time until we line up to go to our five o’clock news assembly. Campers can use this time to go to the swimming pool, craft cabin, or take part in any of the sporting events and activities taking place around the camp. There are basketball courts, baseball fields, four square, shuffleboard courts and a large front lawn that hosts soccer games.

 What can I expect as a typical day in the senior program?

We do quite a bit of walking during the day so be sure to bring shoes that are comfortable and that you don’t mind getting muddy. Also, the days can be hot and the nights cool since we are in the mountains. Therefore, you’ll need clothing that is appropriate for 80 degrees and 50 degrees. The days at camp are long, and the accommodations are pretty basic (this means no air conditioning and bunk beds), but as we like to say it is the most fun you’ll ever have getting as tired as you’ll ever be.

The daily schedule is subject to change, but this is a basic outline of a day at camp:

  •             6:30am Wake up and prepare for the day
  •             7:15am Line up to go to morning worship
  •             7:30am Morning worship
  •             8:00am Breakfast
  •             9:00am Class
  •             12:15pm Lunch
  •             5:00pm Five o’clock news all-camp assembly
  •             5:30pm Dinner
  •             6:30pm Evening activity
  •             9:30pm Evening debrief and closing worship or devotion service
  •             10:00pm Free time
  •             11:00pm Lights out inside cabins (QUIET free time continues outside in senior area until counselor on duty ends the evening)

If you have any other questions for us about the senior program, please feel free to contact us at:

Sgabbert3@comcast.net or greta.christ@gmail.com.


We hope to see you in June, 2024!!


Steve Gabbert and Greta Christ

Senior Program Deans