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Serving on staff at Camp Luther is one way to participate in our mission: to bring children, youth, young adults and staff into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord of their life through an experience of Christian community and faith sharing in a camp environment. We are looking for people of many ages (18+), backgrounds, and skill-sets to serve on our staff. You do not need to be a former camper to apply.

Staff positions at Camp Luther include counselors, teachers, medical staff, administrative staff, and functional staff. You can see all of the positions available in the staff application. If you have a special skill that would serve you well in a particular position, please note that on the application form. Please e-mail the director ( if you would like more information about serving on our staff.

The deadline to apply for the staff of Camp Luther 2020 is Friday, February 28, 2020.

*Note for All Applicants*

All members of the Camp Luther staff will be required to complete a Background Check. Consent for the Background Check will be given when accepting a position on our staff. Please contact the director ( if you have any questions.

*Note for First Time Staff Applicants*

Your application will not be considered complete until all three reference letters are received by the director. Please note that one reference letter MUST be from a member of your church (your pastor would count for this requirement).

Please click the link below to open the application.

Windows PC: Camp_Luther_Staff_Application_2020

Mac OS: Camp_Luther_Staff_Application_2020

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